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Antonios Chatzigeorgiou (MD, PhD)

Associate Professor of Experimental and Clinical Physiology

Department of Physiology, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

"Laboratory Medicine-Basic Research"

Main purpose of the specialization "Laboratory Medicine - Basic Research”of MSc Molecular & Applied Physiology is for the postgraduate student (physician, biologist, nurse, chemist, biochemist and graduate of related laboratory / bio-medical sciences) to  learn the fundamental principles of laboratory research and clinical problems and become familiar with the proper application according of these principles to the latest research and clinical guidelines.

In particular, this major aims to provide knowledge and skills on classical methodological approaches but also on the developing advanced technologies of biomedical research and diagnosis applied in modern Research and Diagnostic Laboratories. Issues of methodology and practice relevant to both basic and clinical research are also studied.

The purposes of the major "Laboratory Medicine - Basic Research" of the MSc in Molecular & Applied Physiology are achieved through a full programme of lectures in the field of Laboratory Research and Diagnosis, as well as through practical training and the conduction of a thesis in high-level research and diagnostic Clinics and Laboratory Units.

In conclusion, apart from the fact that this major is a comprehensive preparation for conducting a PhD thesis in the field of basic and clinical research, the graduates of the PMS acquire knowledge
and skills so that they can then claim to staff medical practices, diagnostic and research laboratories and clinical centers and to teach undergraduate students of higher education departments in the field of medicine.

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