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Purpose of the Program 

The purpose of the MSc is to prepare graduates of Tertiary Education from national AEIs and ATEIs, as well as foreign graduates recognized by DOATAP for PhD level studies, and to cultivate clinical laboratory and professional skills  in state-of- art techniques and clinical research methods in the expanding and rapidly developing field of "Molecular and Applied Physiology" in the following specializations:


A) Specialization "Laboratory Medicine - Basic Research"

B) Specialization "Clinical Embryology & Genetics of the Preimplantation Embryo

Preimplantation  Embryo Genetics )"

C) Specialization "Therapeutic Exercise

(Therapeutic – Exercise)”  

Postgraduate programs do not offer professional rights but knowledge that can be an additional qualification for professional training. The specific MSc aims to form a strong scientific background that in turn provides a necessary and appropriate condition for the provision of autonomous research and clinical work in the biomedical sciences and more specifically in the fields of advanced specializations.


MSc graduates acquire knowledge and skills to:

a) staff Medical Practices, Diagnostic and Research Laboratories operating in the Biomedical Sciences and Clinical Centers field with the corresponding Laboratory Clinical Specialties.

b) teach undergraduate students from Universities and other Higher Education departments, in the field of Medical Physiology and the corresponding specializations.

c) acquire knowledge and skills that will prepare them for PhD level studies in the subject of Biomedical Sciences.

d) holistically link knowledge and skills in clinical and research healthcare sciences.

Our graduates 

The MSc in "Molecular & Applied Physiology" aims to improve the training of young physicians, other basic scientists and related disciplines in the principles of Medical Science with special emphasis on the mechanisms involved in human “Molecular & Applied Physiology”.


The Postgraduate Program has been operating with great success since 2009 at the Medical School of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and it is in close contact with high level Clinical and Research Units. Researchers from almost all the Medical Schools and Research Institutions of Greece participate in the PMS, as well as scientists with advanced skills and knowledge.


Medical School Physiology Laboratory, Mikras Asias 75, Goudi

Phone: 210-7462592


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